Good Morning Smithville!

Have you ever driven down West Street/Hwy 20 or Grimsby Road 5 when the crossing guards are out? If you have chances are you’ve been greeted by Darrell. 

Darrell is one of our amazing crossing guards that smiles and waves at every single vehicle that drives past him. And when I say every single vehicle, I mean EVERY single vehicle. He will even shout out “good morning” and when he sees the kids on the passing school buses, does a silly dance to make them laugh which starts their day off great!  

I’m not sure about you but I enjoy getting greeted by Darrell each time I drive by him. It sets the tone for my day and puts a smile on my face. 

If you don’t drive past him during the times that he is out being a crossing guard then maybe you will see him at the Smithville Public Library where he volunteers his time. Be sure to say hi because I guarantee he will say hi to you!

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Scott Williams

Married and Father of 3 amazing children living in Smithville. This blog is about me and the community that I live in. All comments are welcomed. Enjoy!

13 thoughts on “Good Morning Smithville!”

  1. We drive in from grimsby mtn everyday and intentionally drive so that we can stop and see him. The kids look forward to it every morning.. they got concerned when they didnt see him a few days last wk. Hope he knows how much his friendly greetings and funny hats put a smile on my kids face.

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  2. Darrell brings a smile to our faces every morning … there should be more people like Darrell, this works is a much better place with him it .. ThAnk you Darrell for bringing joy to our lives and making the sun seem like it’s shining even when it isn’t 😘😘😘😘

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  3. OMG when me and my brother hubby and three children were living in smithville last year we use to laugh and smile every time he would greet us we just adored him. He really knows how to make a persons day brighter especially when I am having a down kinda day. He really deserves a reward of some kind or a trophy hes a special man. Thank you so much for this website.


  4. It is truly refreshing! He’s another reason that makes me feel proud to live here in Smithville. I’m so glad we moved here! Hi Darrel!! 👋

    (Great post) 👍



  5. My kids and I specifically drive hwy 20 so we can see him. Makes our day! Thank you for giving some happiness back to our community and spreading joy!!!! You are one of a kind sir thank you


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